Season of me…

I came into the office the other day and one of my colleagues jokingly referred to the last few months BL releases as the ‘Season of Kyme’. I scoffed a little at first until realising, a few seconds later, that he wasn’t wrong. I’ve been busy.

Since I began the long and lonely path of the writer (not to be confused with the path of the warrior, seer, renegade or any of that), this has been the busiest period for me. There are a few books in there that are reformats or reissues of older classic stories – these are either bind-ups of previous novels such as Salamanders the Omnibus or are product-related re-issues like Damnos.

Either way, the last 12 months have been filled with writing. I guess there have been three major strings to this particular bow and, oddly, perhaps it’s my tent pole series Tome of Fire and the Salamanders that’s actually had the least attention.

First and foremost, Horus Heresy has engaged my time in a way that it hadn’t done previously. I wrote my first full length novel, a second limited edition novella as well as an audio drama featuring Aeonid Thiel. All three have been garnering some good press as far as I’m aware, and the novella has finally started reaching the eager hands of fans.

Damnos, which is rapidly becoming a series in its own right, got the second largest hleping of my attention with a long novella to add to the hardback version of Fall of Damnos (and I’m sincerely hoping that Spear of Macragge gets a physical release on its own for folks who want it but don’t necessarily want the novel again – I know everyone is different in that regard) and another audio drama. I’ve also written a micro short starring Sicarius, you’ll see that later this year.

Salamanders then has had the least of my attention. Despite my best intentions, I only had time enough to write some new material to include with the omnibus edition. I really wanted to do a map and have one sketched out but it’s too rough, needs properly checking and there wasn’t time to include it in the end. I guess it makes sesne then that my current project is Salamander-related, the new novel Rebirth.

As a writer of some several years now, I feel like I’m not only really starting to learn my craft (someone called it my ‘A-game’ in a review – it’s just my game; it just taken me this far to get to it) but also get an idea as to my habits and patterns.

From my first faltering steps, I actually think I’ve slowed down a little bit (in spite of the apparent ‘Season of Kyme’), but I’ve also discovered that I have peaks and troughs of productivity. I’ve clearly just come off a peak with the stack of novels, novellas and audios mentioned above so I guess that means I’m now entering a trough. That’s certainly been true of the last few weeks, even months. Throughout July and August, I really struggled to get anything going. I managed to write three 1,000 word short stories (again, you’ll be seeing these soon – He’stan, Sicarius and the Marines Malevolent, but not necessarily in that order) but struggled to get my synopsis for Rebirth wrangled. I’m paying for that a bit now, or was, and have experienced a slow start to that novel – see what I mean? Trough. However, my creative juices, my ideas, are beginning to flow again and I’ve been able to add a significant amount of flesh to the bare bones of a story I had.

Here’s hoping I’m approaching another peak.

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  • David D Says:

    I have very much enjoyed the ‘Season of Kyme’ this summer. I have loving Vulkan Lives (currently 1/2 way through) and eagerly awaiting my copy of Scorched Earth to arrive from across the pond. Thank you for producing such fun books to read! Vulkan Lives!

  • Liliedhe Says:

    I am listening to Veil of Darkness right now :). Poor Sicarius.

    And I am very much looking forward to seeing more He’stan and more Sallies. More Tsu’gan especially. :)

    To my shame, I have not yet read Vulkan lives, being totally chicken about it. :( There are some things I know will be in there that I am afraid of seeing. Chicken. As I said. ^^ Well, take it as a compliment that you can make me afraid before even having read the book.

  • Knight Says:

    Well it’s certainly feels like the “Year of Kyme” for me!

    Having back tracked a few older books earlier in the year and thoroughly enjoyed The Great Betrayal and the Dwarves Omnibus aswell as your little Sherlock outing, to now where the stack of Kyme gets bigger by the week! Finished Vulkan lives just NOW! and wanting more, ill have to give the audio a go on my next long drive for work.

    Keep up the great work sir! And thanks for making my trips and choices to the book stores exciting!

  • Liliedhe Says:

    Finished Veil of Darkness yesterday. :) I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the subtleties… The variations between the “original sequence” and the “rerun” (to keep the spoilers to a minimum) and what they say about dear Cato. Since one has to assume that first it is all about HIS attitudes which are colouring everything – he makes the others play according to his script. And the differences in the repeat performance are striking.

    The characters with the complex ego-issues are your specialty it seems. ^^

  • TheSGC Says:

    Can’t wait for Rebirth. ETA?

  • Dan Sharp Says:

    Are we ever likely to see a reprint of Back From The Dead, maybe bundled up with its as-yet unpublished sequel? I was disappointed to see it didn’t get a mention in the Salamanders Omnibus intro alongside all the other early Kyme!

  • fission Says:

    From my little point of view : take your time if You need to Sir .
    This year was for me the consecration of your talent.

  • Bloody Mary Says:

    I was re-watching Dragonball Z recently, and it struck me that Vegeta and Tsu’gan are actuall similiar. Or maybe it’s me?

  • Nick Kyme Says:

    Never seen Dragonball Z, so tough to comment but perhaps they adhere to a character archetype?

  • Bloody Mary Says:

    That’s probably it. They’re both the stubborn proud guys from noble backgrounds, with a chip on their shoulder about not being as awesome as they think ought to be due to their birthright… While characters from humble origins surpass them.

  • fission Says:

    Lol .
    Was re-watching Alien 4 this night.
    And the escaping prisonner looks like you Sir !
    Have you stomach problem these times ?

  • Liliedhe Says:

    On the advent calendar stories: Awww, it’s nice to see sometimes even the Forgefather gets a holiday. ;) And that Cato is learning.

    Even if the lessons probably hurt a lot. But somehow it seems like they don’t stick with him if they don’t.

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