From the ashes of Isstvan…

Look what arrived today… It’s the shiny, new and extremely nice looking Scorched Earth.

I won’t back on too much, but suffice it to say, I owe a great debt to Neil Roberts for such a stunning cover that works together so beautifully with Vulkan Lives. My hat is off to you Neil – really stunning, evocative work.

Secondly, it is a really lovely looking book. Those folks who ordered one (and my sincere thanks to you, one and all) won’t have too long to wait now. I get my copy a little early by way of author’s privilege and also because it’s the first one off the press. I hope the pics below are less of a tease and more of a tantalising sample of what will soon be yours.

And finally, I cannot wait for you guys to read it and hear what you think.

Glory to Vulkan!




4 Responses to “From the ashes of Isstvan…”

  • Alex Edwards Says:

    Cant wait to get my copy in a few weeks once they start shipping out. Vulkan Lives probably has one of the best covers to date, showing Vulkan doing his best Tom Hanks impression.


  • David D Says:

    Oh I can’t wait to get my copy! I picked up Promethan Sun and Vulkan Lives at GenCon this year. Heresy Salamanders by Nick Kyme! How can you go wrong? Thanks for the update!

  • Liliedhe Says:

    Two thirds in. Starting to grip me now. ^^

    I just hope Tarkan is not dead. :( I like him a lot because he is a very untypical Iron Hand and one of the few who really appealed to me. At least he could have died on screen *sniff*.

  • Liliedhe Says:

    Ok, Tarkan is probably not dead.

    I expected all sorts of things, but not a Tomato in the Mirror. (see TVtropes for the term) I will probably have to reread to unravel everything, but some things are falling into place now.

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