So many questions…

Afternoon all,

Just thought I’d take a quick time out at lunch to answer a few questions that popped up during the last post about the monster-sized Salamanders Omnibus. They’re not all omnibus-related, but I’ve captured them here for your collective viewing pleasure.

Here goes:

Q. Will I still need to get the ‘Tome of Fire’ anthology, or are those stories included in the omnibus?

A. Everything from Tome of Fire barring ‘Emperor’s Deliverance’ is reprinted in the Salamanders Omnibus. The main reason for this is that the story isn’t really Salamanders-based, it’s Marines Malevolent, and it also doesn’t really fit into the Tome of Fire story arc, per se. It was included in the Tome of Fire anthology by way of an added extra. Including it in the Salamanders Omnibus would mean we couldn’t fit in a new story and so, of all the stories, this one had to go.

Q. Will I ever get to see Dak’ir again?

A. He’s on the cover of the omnibus… ;) Sorry, that wasn’t really what you meant was it. All I can say on that subject is…

Q. Does Tsu’gan show up in those new shorts?

A. If you’re referring to ‘The Cage’ and ‘Rite of Pain’, then maybe…

Okay, so up next are some questions about Vulkan Lives. I warn you now they are SPOILER-FILLED, so if you haven’t read the book yet then PROCEED NO FURTHER!

You have been warned…

Questions and answers coming up…

Don’t look if you don’t want the book spoiling…

Last chance…



Q. Does Vulkan hallucinating about Guilliman repeatedly in Curze’s place have any bearing on what’s going to happen next in the Heresy? As in, is Vulkan going to be part of Unremembered Empire?

A. All shall be revealed…

Q. Also, is that really the end of Numeon? Surviving the Dropsite just to get zapped by a hi-tech gizmo-ring-thingy? Or is Erebus going to… use him… for something in the near future? You left it quite open-ended.

A. The open-endedness was deliberate.

Q. Finally, this may seem a little stupid but in terms of tying in with Feat of Iron, I take it Vulkan was the other ‘one’ the Eldar were talking about?

A. That’s a pretty good assumption.

Okay, that’s your lot. If you did read on and spoil the book then shame on you, and you were warned – you’ll get no sympathy from me. If you didn’t and are reading this bit then thanks for skipping ahead to the end.

Kyme out.

5 Responses to “So many questions…”

  • TheSGC Says:

    Surprised you didn’t do a bit on who got casted as Batman in the Bats v Supes movie – what do you think of Affleck? Personally, I think he’s a Wayne/Batman in the West or Clooney mold, less gritty like Bale (imo, best Bats ever on the big screen).

  • Nick Kyme Says:

    There’s still time. Got one warming up…

  • Vijay Says:

    You dedicated half a post to answering my questions…!

    Oh, Kyme. I love you, man.

  • fission Says:

    Emperor’s Deliverance is a pretty good story, specially for those, like me, who had loved the small quote about Tu’shan fighting Vinyar during the 3rd War of Armageddon about the civilian safety. Tu’shan is badass in this story.


    Just to know if my english is not too bad Sir : the small hammer that Numeon is wearing , am I right if I say it is Vulkan’s Sigil ?

    Hope we will have an answer in a future book : why the Emperor gave the “unique and special” ability we discovered about Vulkan in Vulkan Lives ?

    Finally I think Vijay had a man crush on you Sir ;)

  • Vijay Says:

    Yeah I thought it was the Sigil too… then again, if it is, that means Numeon is clearly going to escape Erebus’s clutches for long enough at least to get it to Nocturne or pass it to another Salamander.

    Elementary, my dear Watson ;)

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