Monstrous Salamanders the Omnibus!

So, apparently this rather large and imposing tome has gone up for pre-order…

The whopping Salamanders the Omnibus. So big, I has to photograph on its side... ;)

The whopping Salamanders the Omnibus. So big, I had to photograph on its side... ;)

It is a monster of a book, rammed with pretty much everything* I have ever done for the Salamanders in 40k.

(*well, almost)

Let’s take a look at what’s actually in it then.

First and foremost, perhaps, are the three novels that comprise the Tome of Fire series: Salamander, Firedrake and Nocturne.

Little nugget of info: I actually wanted to call this book Tome of Fire, but editors conspired against me and gave that title to the short story bind-up instead. Doh! and equal parts grr! Never mind.

In addition to the three novels are the following short stories, drawn from the various anthologies, chapbooks and audio dramas that I originally wrote them for:

Vulkan’s Shield

Hell Night

Fires of War


Prometheus Requiem

The Burning

Only Ash Remains

Rite of Pain

The Cage

The Firebrand

First off, all the novels and short stories are printed in chronological order, so if you’re either new to the Salamanders series and this is your first foray, or you want to read the whole saga again from the beginning then treat this as your road map.

Interestingly (perhaps), the last four stories on the list above all take place and will have a bearing on the next novel/s. Not only that, but Rite of Pain and The Cage will never have been seen before. Ever.

They’re not that long (Rite of Pain is quite dinky) but do add some crucial little sneak peaks into what’s to come. I wanted to do more. In fact, I wanted (and still want) to write the novella that describes exactly what did happen to turn Nihilan traitor (I have the title ‘Dragonborn’ rattling around in my head, but that’s probably already taken by some video game or other…).

Sadly, though, time and my schedule did not allow for that on this occasion.

However, in addition to all of the new shorts, I did have time enough to write a decent-sized glossary (I wanted to call it Noc-terms but my editors poo-poo’d that for some reason…), which is full of juicy stuff about the various rituals, creatures, places and so on that I invented for the series to flesh out the Chapter and their homeworld.

There’s also a fairly lengthy introduction by me to kick proceedings off.

I am not kidding when I say it’s a whopper. The book weighs in at an impressive 1014 pages and that’s not including the glossary or the small extract of ‘Vulkan Lives’ that the designers somehow managed to fit in.

Be warned, you need to be wearing Terminator armour just to lift it.

Any and all questions about the omnibus, Salamanders and anything else writing-related by me can be directed here.

13 Responses to “Monstrous Salamanders the Omnibus!”

  • Ken O Says:

    Is there any chance of a hardcover edition? When paperbacks get that big it’s pretty hard to still read them and not crease the spine, etc.

  • Nick Kyme Says:

    No plans to, but it’s definitely something to ask BL…

  • Dan Sharp Says:

    And you forgot to mention that it’s a mere £15! Consider it pre-ordered.

  • Dan Sharp Says:

    Hard not to crease the spine?? Impossible I’d suggest. Even the most careful reader is going to crease up that bad boy big time. The only solution? Buy two – one for the week and one for Sunday best.

  • Liliedhe Says:

    Oh, awesome. *squeeeeeee*

    Does Tsu’gan show up in those new shorts? ;) *is a fangirl* After ‘Only Ash remains’ one has to be quite worried about the poor, stubborn, stupid boy…

  • David D Says:

    Awesome stuff! I have read it all but will now have to get this for the new stuff. Thanks for the Noc-Terms (I will call it that no matter what the editors say)section!

  • dorian Says:

    Oh man, BL really loves to make things difficult for me. I love the Tome of Fire trilogy and have all 3 books plus most of the Salamander shorts. And now I have to make the tough decision of whether to buy or not to buy the omnibus. Argh! Heh.

    P.S. Please hurry up writing the next Salamander books. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Vulkan Lives legacy edition.

  • dorian Says:

    P.P.S Will I ever get to see Dak’ir again?

  • Knight Says:

    Wow! You’re definitely dominating my reading pile recently! Looking for a reason to revisit the Salamanders and this will do just that! New stuff included is an awesome bonus for us all! Thanks mate.

  • Vijay Says:

    Nick mate just finished Vulkan Lives. Loved it.

    A couple of questions, though: *PLEASE LOOK AWAY TO AVOID SPOILERS* Does Vulkan hallucinating about Guilliman repeatedly in Curze’s place have any bearing on what’s going to happen next in the Heresy? As in, is Vulkan going to be part of Unremembered Empire?

    Also, is that really the end of Numeon? Surviving the Dropsite just to get zapped by a hi-tech gizmo-ring-thingy? Or is Erebus going to… use him… for something in the near future? You left it quite open-ended.

    Finally, this may seem a little stupid but in terms of tying in with Feat of Iron, I take it Vulkan was the other ‘one’ the Eldar were talking about?

  • fission Says:

    No Map, as you said Sir, so sad :(
    But perhaps on a future poster, it should be a good idea for BL ;)

  • Shawn Says:

    I’m with ‘Ken O’ — I would love a hardcover edition of this, but sadly it’ll never happen. It’s just too big for BL to print in that format. I’ve contacted them about doing Horus Heresy omnibus editions and they said it wouldn’t be feasible because of the sheer volume of books… yeeeaahh, just break it up into 3s (like normal omnibus editions) — they really kill me sometimes, but they still get my money haha.

    Anyways, question Mr. Kyme: will I still need to get the ‘Tome of Fire’ anthology, or are those stories included in the omnibus?

  • Chris Rud Says:

    The Omnibus went up for sale today on Amazon, ordered and on the way to my house on Friday. Can’t wait! After reading Nick’s description above I was enthused that basically this tome will be a complete introduction to the Salamanders as I have not read “Tome of Fire” yet, even though it has been waiting patiently on my shelf. It sounds like my best bet is to start with the Omnibus, it’s going to be a good weekend. :)

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