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Sep 5 2014

Birthing Rebirth…

So, today was the day that the First Edition of Rebirth goes on sale.

By now you’ve probably all seen the promotional video (and how awesome is that, barring my ridiculous looking face on it – not a fan of doing these but man alive the guys that put it together kicked ass) and, hopefully, have placed your order.

As promised in my earlier post, I’m going to reveal a little bit more about the book (information not in the video) so that all you folks who’ve bought a copy (and my eternal gratitude for that – this special edition, limited run malarkey is always a little bit terrifying) have a bit more of an idea about what to look forward and those that haven’t but are thinking about (or missed the announcement somehow) have a little extra something to whet their appetites.


Okay then…

What’s it about?
Rebirth is a tale of (at least) two stories, the first of which has its origins embedded deep in the Great Crusade (that’s pre-Horus Heresy). This is the narrative ‘spine’ of the book and takes us (and the character who can trace his origins all the way back to when some of the Black Legion were Luna Wolves) all the way forward in time to the Promethean War.

Essentially, three main factions were involved in this struggle: the Salamanders, the Adepta Sororitas and the Black Legion.

This story focuses heavily on the Salamanders. This time we’re with Sixth Company (and a contingent of Fourth) who are contesting the world of Heletine with the Black Legion. Reinforcements arrive in the form of the Sisters of the Ebon Chalice but the alliance isn’t exactly smooth. This undermines the campaign, but is not actually caused by competing ideologies, rather it is a factor of the various agendas each of the characters has in the prosecution of this war.

The second strand of Rebirth picks up some dangling threads from both the Tome of Fire series (it’s set five years after Nocturne) and an audio drama called Perfection. Fans of both will recognise several characters from these stories taking centre stage. This leads me neatly to…

Who’s in it?
I’m glad you asked. As well as Ur’zan Draakgard and Elysius, there are several faces making their first appearance and latest appearance in Rebirth. Of the new flock, Zantho deserves a mention as he’s the star of the exclusive short story ‘Three Hanged Men’. Returing heroes include Adrax Agatone (the captain of Third Company, now relegated to reserve status whilst Tu’Shan figures out what to do about them), Exor and Va’lin (this badass is the Assault Marine on the front of the book toting the flamer). In addition to all these Salamanders is a maniac (and a hero) who originally hailed from the Black Dragons Chapter, Zartath. He is back with a vengeance and this time armoured in drake scale green. Zartath has a pivotal role in this story as does his Chapter, who feature prominently in the second strand storyline. I always like to include a second Space Marine Chapter in my Salamanders novels. This time it’s the turn of the Black Dragons. Last, but not least is Lufurion. I’ve mentioned him before (from Perfection). He’s got a very specific agenda too, one which I’ve have planned for a loooong time.

The exclusive story ‘Three Hanged Men’ is just that. Exclusive. It’s never going to be released again, not in print and not digitally. The Rebirth First Edition is your only place to get hold of this story. It’s adds to the main story, and is perfect for the completionists out there. There are several other stories in this volume. In fact, this story kicks off, in a meaty way, the Circle of Fire saga. So, everything I have written so far for the Circle of Fire is in Rebirth First Edition. Everything. Yes, they’ve been available before but some haven’t been in print and others are tricky to get hold off. This handy, shiny volumes packs in the lot.

Final thoughts
Nothing much more to add, really. My hat is doffed deeply to the production team who designed this truly beautiful book. I’d say it’s one of a kind but you know we printed more than that. It is stunning. I’ve held it in my hands, felt the faux Salamander hide, seen and absorbed the amazing illustrations, and taken in all the shiny. Huge thanks for all those involved. And thanks to you guys, for getting excited about it, for tweeting and retweeting and blogging. It’s much appreciated. The Salamanders have found a home in you.

Aug 27 2014

A ‘First’ for the Salamanders…

The upcoming Circle of Fire arc for the Salamanders is going to be kicking off in some style with a frankly awesome Black Library First Edition.

I won’t say too much more here, because I’m not allowed to reveal anything further right now, but I will return to the blog to give more insights into the new novel and the new story arc it kicks off as and when I can.

For now, I can tell you this is Rebirth and it is being released in this wonderful (it’s stunning, I’ve seen it/touched it/smelled it) premium format with some exclusive content.

Check out the teaser on the Black Library website here.

Make sure to set your reminder so that you don’t miss out.

Further bloggage to come…

May 25 2014

Unearthing artefacts

Vulkan Lives has finally reached its small paperback format release (or small ‘squishy’ as it is known in some quarters), so my time is turning once again towards the Horus Heresy, specifically the sequel to Vulkan Lives.

Beyond the fact I have a third of the plot down in a Pages document, half of it on a bunch of blue coloured Post-Its and a quarter (just under…) still to noodle (that’s a technical writing term, by the way), I can’t actually tell you that much about it. I can say it follows on from the partial sequel to Vulkan Lives, The Unremembered Empire and that, chances are, the Lord of the Drakes’ body ain’t staying on Macragge. But that’s about your lot for now.

I can discuss ‘Artefacts’. This was the lead short story in a hardback novella collection called Sedition’s Gate, launched at the most recent Horus Heresy Weekender this month.

I suspect it’s going to have a few folks scratching their heads. Good. I won’t elucidate further on that, because it’s up to you guys to figure it out. One quick thing, though: could Vulkan’s forgeship have fit in that vault? Yes. A vault has no predetermined size. It’s as big as I needed it to be. In this case, big enough to house a massive forgeship. That’s the thing you’ve got to bear in mind about 30 and 40k – everything is always huge. Keep that in your heads, okay.

‘Artefacts’ is an important story in the Vulkan ‘arc’, as I’m now referring to it with my august Heresy colleagues. It introduces a new character, a Forge Master called T’kell. He gets a namecheck in Salamander by the way. His story is integrally linked to the artefacts, the Nine as they are known in 40K lore, and will be the lead in a storyline I am planning to write about them.

Since I know a few folks don’t do Twitter and like to get in touch via the website, I figured that rather than you having to piggyback on posts about comics, monkeys and Batman, I’d provide a post right here so you can do so in context. In fact, it’s something I plan to do for all of my stuff from here on out. Want to have a longer discussion about a short, audio, novella or novel? This will be the place to do it. Of course, I’ll still be on Twitter, so you can reach me here too.

So, if you have questions about ‘Artefacts’ or the Vulkan arc (can’t promise I can answer all of those, depends what you ask) then this is the place to do it.

Thank you.

Apr 28 2014


And let’s face it, I think we’re all due one!

Miffed is putting it mildly when describing my reaction to the decision my Comixology/Amazon to remove the store front from their once awesome app and turn it into a glorified reading app only. Suddenly, an excellent, easy to access and user friendly interface between us, the comics consumers, and the comics we love was made that much harder.

Sure, you can visit the website, buy your comics through PayPal, port them over to your app, close said website and then open the app and then your comics. What the f*!k!? That just sounds like a massive pain in the ass compared to what we’re used to as good honest comic consumers.

Comixology had it down. They had it all going for them and we the comics consumer really benefitted from a slick interface that was hassle free and really intuitive to use. An extra, wholly unnecessary, unwanted and (and this is what really sucks) unheralded, change to a process That. Was. Working.
Every Wednesday, I used to look forward to New Comic Books Day, that one day of the week when I was guaranteed to find something cool and inspiring to read through my Comixology app.

That experience has been tainted by this greedy move. No longer is it a painless, user friendly experience – it’s an irritating, fiddly and frankly off putting one. If I sound petty, then perhaps I am on this subject but my understanding was technology and the advancement thereof was meant to make things better, not worse and more annoying (at least in terms of the consumption of digital media).

I read an interesting blog post on this subject that described comics as having been living in a ghetto for the past thirty years. I’ll echo that esteemed bloggers comics in saying that I love comic book shops, but they are dying out and dying on their arses. They have been for a long time. Digitisation of this media not only made it really accessible, it also played to the inherent strengths of the visual medium with panel view and Marvel’s wonderful guided view in a way that only comics can really exploit.

So what do the biggest retailer of digital comics do? They superbly and selfishly scupper that digital outlet by reducing it’s accessibly and attractiveness to a growing market of digital comic book readers. And this is just the bought and paid up members of the comic buying community; what about the initiates who are yet to experience how great digital comics are? This clunky, hamfisted approach is going to put them off and could very well endanger the future of the digital medium for comics.

When you are the market leader, you have to lead and move forward, not backwards. This, however you might wish to spin it is a backwards step. I felt compromised moving to the new app and the new clunky system, I felt like my years of loyalty to this digital industry was effectively being reduced to the dollars and pounds signs in the eyes of big businesses. Not businesses who are here to promote comics and make it a more profitable, wider reaching medium but a business that purely wants to line its own pockets and doesn’t care what damage it does during the process.

I hope that Comixology feel they’ve been backed into a corner with this move. I hope that the genuine fans of comics and the comics through the digital storytelling medium are regretful and can see the damage it has already done.

I for one feel betrayed, and I’m sure that a lot of other fair-minded consumers of digital comics feel the same.
Don’t let’s make this about the difference between an iPad and a Kindle guys, why can’t it be about the comics. Somewhere in between the lines this message has become lost…

Apr 19 2014

Monkey business

Took a very pleasant trip to the Monkey Forest at Trentham today. I think next to house rabbits, monkeys are a pretty close favourite beast of the wild. ;)

What’s lovely to see at Monkey Forest is that the Macaques are kept in a natural reserve and allowed to roam freely, rather than being cooped up in cages and behind glass. I’m not expert, by any means, but from what I could observe the monkeys looked happy, settled and well cared for. It was also very gratifying to see how respectful visitors to the park were.

We managed to get up close and personal with a lot of the park’s inhabitants and they were a joy to see and photograph. Below, there’s a mini-gallery.

If you want to check out Monkey Forest for yourself then here’s a link: